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Default Question about Aetherforging

Question about Aetherforging, So now I'm crafting scrolls but at some point, let's say at Lvl 60 Aetherforging do I have to make Kalis gear to make it keep leveling up ? or can I still do lower Lvl crafts?
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Default Re: Question about Aetherforging

You can use lower level crafts too keep leveling, I did 60-71 doing Improved Fabric Scrolls (L30) with a 500% crafting amulet.

Edit: there's still a level limit on the crafts you can use to continue leveling (just like with the old professions), for example at L71 Aetherforging I don't get exp from crafting L1 stuff, so I assume whatever you craft cannot be 40 levels lower than your current skill level.

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