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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Originally Posted by {CC} Cyan - Siel View Post
Hello Daevas,

Last Wednesday, we launched Aion 5.3 update. As you may have gotten familiar with now, the update brought new game systems as well as changes to systems we have been familiar with. In this thread, we would like you to provide constructive feedback to the following:
  • Coalition siege mechanic
  • Arena of Tenacity
  • Dredgion Defense
  • Other game systems

We understand there are some bugs with these systems, and bugs with the update that need to be resolved, but this is not a bug reporting thread. We are looking for your experience with the list above or any other feedback you may have regarding the update.

While you write your response, please consider these questions:
  • What did you like about the system?
  • What did you not like about the system?
  • What are some suggestions that would improve the system?

We will be compiling your feedback into a report and sharing it with the development team.

Thank you.

[*]Coalition siege mechanic

This is awesome in theory - but I agree with the people who have said that leadership needs to be awarded in a different way. Perhaps a system where people volunteer to lead and people in the Coalition make their choices and the most popular choice wins.

Our high ranks don't always want to lead and that's fine but we also have a troll commander who essentially held the Coalition hostage so he could get the max reward - problem is 90% of the server has him blocked. So a voting leadership might be a better option to prevent things like that from happening.

[*]Arena of Tenacity

This is awesome! I wish there was a way for a 75 to not get lumped in with a bunch of lvl 69s though lol #massacre

[*]Other game systems
- New skill chains = amazing!!
- New equipment tab = AMAAAAAZING

There has been a change where when you target someone there is no longer an audible sound to let you know the target has changed. When you're healing an alliance, to have to double check every target change is very clunky. I'm not sure if this was an intentional change or if it's a bug, but it would be awesome to have it back the way it was.

All in all this is an extremely strong and exciting patch!

Thank yooou!
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Chain skills = amazing
Atreian bestiary=amazing
New pvp gear=amazing
Dredgion= this instance is the best idea you ever had.
Tenacity= this is a fun concept and i like that is pretty rewarding.
Other than that, i would really like that you reconsider your decision regarding DST, because that would put sieges very late for many people including me and we won't be able to be a part of it. It would put a siege for me at 5 am(currently 4am). Manh people are complaining about the times sieges happen and we would really like a change in that.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Gear Swapping macro system.

It is great, it's one of the best features to add to 5.3. One thing I wish that would be improved is to add customizeable icons to the system. The old macros (default button U) had customizable icons and it was easy to differentiate which one was which. This should be added to the new 5.3 system.

Additionally it would be nice to have more than 5 equipment sets registered for us chain users. PvE Healboost/PvE HP/PvE dps/PvP MA/PvP dps/PvP HP/ PvP MR/ PvP Block/PvP Healboost ect. And while we're at it, when can we get a separate inventory for gear? :)

Also noticed if something registered to the equipment swapping interface is removed (through depositing armor in the warehouse, or consuming all power SHARDS), it will be removed from the equipment set completely. This is annoying when I use up all of my power shards especially. And when I store my extra sets of armor in the warehouse because who can afford to carry around multiple sets at all times?
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Bugs In 5.3

Crafting Charms

-No longer effect Aetherforging after 5.3 patch

Arena of Tenacity

-Some players only got 1 entrance, while others got 2, and some players even had what seemed to be infinite entries
-After a match sometimes a player would not be resurrected and remain dead until the match timer timed out
-After a match some players could not use skills, items, pets, or chat functions.

Pana Siege

-Some players did not receive a title to enter stage 2 after participating in siege.
-Some players did not receive GP after participating in Siege.
-AOE attacks do damage to same faction/server NPCs (SM Pets, Noble energies, healing servants, etc)

Group Features

-The Captain of a group no longer is marked with a crown symbol
-When selecting a teammate on your HUD that players name is no longer Highlighted

Upper Abyss

-After siege ends Balaur siege NPCs/mobs do not despawn
-After using a windstream sometimes a players flight gauge becomes bugged, not allowing them to fly again until they go to character select screen.

Misc Comments/Thoughts

-Overall I think 5.3 brings great potential back to the game, as has most of the previous patches, I just really hope you guys don't over look the small bugs/glitches in the system and actually address and fix them in a timely manner.

-Change the schedule! I know this was an issue with day 1 launch, but I think you should be doing an in-game survey to find out what the player base thinks is an appropriate schedule for sieges, world bosses, instance ques, etc.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Originally Posted by NotMagikarp - Israphel View Post
And while we're at it, when can we get a separate inventory for gear? :)
I would die for a separate inventory for gear. Not gonna lie that is a great idea.

I'm not really fond of the way siege works. I mean it's something new, but it takes away from the pvp and gives more of an edge to the faction with the most numbers. So far we haven't capped a fort that wasn't during a multi siege. If it's just one fort going live, we have no chance with our 150-180 asmos vs 300+ elyos. Plus like everyone else is complaining about, you can't choose which alliance in the coalition you can be in which is really dumb.
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