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Default Aion 4.0 Update Error [SOLVED]

Hello. Before few days i downloaded aion and i got error on every 1%. Then i asked few people and one helped me. Now i want help you :) .. If you get this screen:

Just click on settings - > turn off "Peer-to-peer" with no button and save -> Restart client -> Click on Update (downloading only from http) :) problem solved

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Default Re: Aion 4.0 Update Error [SOLVED]

um,, i been trying to point this out. on most of our launchers, there is no peer to peer setting, you have to change it in the config. and this 'fix' is dubious at best. since peer to peer only means that you are gathering the file from more than 1 source, these sources being, other people who have the game. and at the same time, you are shareing your files, with other people trying to download the game. so the only reason that this would help in any way, is iif the launcher is messed up. any gms or programers wanna verify that?
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Default Re: Aion 4.0 Update Error [SOLVED]

Long time with this "bug" I remember that I wanted to played it like an year ago.
Today I downloaded the launcher hoping it was fixed, same error as always...
Can you guys fix it??? It's very annoing

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