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Default Ranger and Assassin Looking for a legion

Hello my name is Procne or Kate, I'm a active player on the IS server. Me and my boyfriend play together and are almost level 50 (when this thread is written we are 46-47). We are going to join a legion at 50 and wanted to feel out what sort of options are around for us :] we are experienced in pvp (my boyfriend is more so) each of us having played in war, and small scale pvp game settings for years on varied games. We want to "try" a legion out, hang with them.. see how the function. we Like voice chat programs, and a perspective on gaming and war that is serious to an extent, but not bossy. Basically at the end of the day we want it all to be about having fun. We haven't done many dungeons, and have been gathering special coin gear instead of dungeons + some PvP gear. We could use a legion that's willing to work with us, teach us a bit and in return you will hopefully get 2 very dedicated members :]

I'm kate, Procne the ranger. Age 24. female
My boyfriend is Feyrein Age 23 Male
Procne-47 ranger//Mistrel- 30 chanter// Faets- 51 Sorcerer
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Default Re: Ranger and Assassin Looking for a legion

Hello Kate!

After reading your introduction I am more than a little interested in getting in some runs with you and seeing if you'd like to call Vengeance is Mine a new home. It is always refreshing to see other couples who play and while my microphone needs replaced something serious we do have a number of members who are all about voice chat.

If I don't get back to you in-game feel free to send me a mail or friend request to Alondrei or Jeskal and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Hope to hear from ya soon!

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