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Default Help with armor for 65+

Hello! :)

I feel pretty newbie now, and probably I am too, beacuse I did not play with Aion, for appr. one or maybe more year, so now when I loged in, it was kind of a shock. When I stopped playing with Aion, I was lvl 65. Back than I had 2 armor, but honestly I have no idea now which one to use, and for what should I work to get. I have Kahrun's full set, whit full of Magic Boost +27 manastones, and I have Fierce Skirmisher's full armor, but whitout any manastone. Now somehow I got a new orb, so I use this now, the name of it is Iluma Protector's orb.

My question is that which armor should I use, and which armor should I get, for which sould I work, to get? Aaaand, how can I get it?

Ps.: I mostly play in PvE, beacuse of my ping. (I'm from EU)
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Default Re: Help with armor for 65+

for pve-ac amour
the best thing to do is wait for event in the game and make a alot of kinnah, and buy ancient coin from broker for your ac amour or you can farm ac but i think that might take longer

for pvp - blood marks gear or arena gear
you can start running arena from 65 on words and start collecting insignia for you arena gear which has good status but will break is enchantment will fail or you can farm blood marks and blood mark medals to buy a full bm set.
if you are going for a bm set first go for the eternal set than mythical because its much easler and will take less time btw bm gear does not break if enchantment fails

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