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Default Re: Building Your Glad

Tendon is a 2m CD.
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Default Re: Building Your Glad

Originally Posted by Etri - Siel View Post
I've never made a guide nor have I really contributed towards these forums, but I've seen a lot of glads with bizarre manastones in their sockets that drive me up a wall and have seen numbers being thrown around as to what glads should reach stat-wise. To be frank it hurts my head some of the things people have suggested so i figured I'd save everyone time and pretty much map out builds that glads should look into if they really want to compete in pvp. Let's get some misnomers out of the way first:

-Build a jack of all trade type of set as your main build. Some acc here, some crit there, some atk there. NO! NO! NO! You build multiple sets for different situations to accomplish different goals. This means socketing for 2 stats with the main stat being stacked in high amounts (attack,accuracy, MR) with the secondary stats being balanced out to maintained at a satisfactory level (Crit Strike)

-Crit and Accuracy are the most important things glad should socket. Not necessarily. Too much crit is a waste and 3300-3800 acc is moot. It's a waste of manastones and composites. Attack is a viable build, especially with composites and tempered accessories. Don't be afraid to have low accuracy. High accuracy is only required under extreme situations (ie block clerics, block templars, sensory boost). This goes back to my first point of building multiple sets.

With those out of the way, here are the builds I made!NORQOla!hyJkemu

There are multiple tabs with different weapons in each link. There are some things I'd like to point out:

-You'll notice that some of the builds have crit/acc slotted in the weapons. I am not contradicting my earlier statement of never building a jack of all trade stat set. I did this because I assumed you will have 2 different weapons, a mythic and an extendable. If you plan on having only 1 mythic, I suggest slotting it with Crit/Acc so it can go back and forth between your main build and your accuracy build. Your mythic will always be your accuracy weapon and you should socket it as such. However, it does compliment your main set as it puts you at a nice number 3200 accuracy (w/candy) which will help against sins with evasion boost (but not sensory).

-If you plan on having multiple mythic weapons, then you can mess around with a full attack set build and relegate one of the lesser mythics to accuracy weapon status.

-You are free to socket whatever you like in your extendable. Crit/MA, Crit/Accuracy, Crit/HP, etc. I picked Crit/Acc in the builds just because I know some of you will squirm at the thought of having 2600 acc. I personally use Crit/HP as I think of my extendable as my main when I put on my msup set and the low acc does not bother me. I will touch this point a little later.

-A lot of the numbers that are crunched out use idians, food, panda candies, and scrolls to obtain. Obviously the attack and HP figure will change depending on how enchanted your plume is and how random the stats become per enchant. Also some of these builds generally use the gold lvl50 idians but some do use lvl60 eternal ones. I'll touch basis on these later.

-The sets I used (2 star set, etc) don't matter. I did it randomly. The only one that is specific is the Eclipse/Whatevertheelyosversionis because it has maximum MR on it.

On to the builds and different weapons:

I've generally have supported 3 builds-- Atk/Crit, Crit/Acc, Msup/Crit/HP. I've never been a proponent of MR/Crit but I understand it's merits so I added it in.

-Atk/crit is a straight forward build. You hit like a truck with no CDs and you hit like a freight train with CDs. Composites and more importantly, tempered solutions make this build my favorite and one I'd advise any glad to strive for it if they have the kinah and want to output maximum damage. If you obtain a bastion PA as a spare weapon, then I suggest going full attack/crit in it and pushing your atk to insane heights. The downside is that your acc with berserk will go down to extend status so I'd use it wisely against Sins and never really use it against anything hugging block. You'll crush everything else though.

-Crit/Acc is probably the cheapest and quickest build to obtain. You mostly need armor with 6 slots. You ideally want to aim for 4k accuracy and 1k crit to counter block clerics, block chanters, and block templars not in shield stance. As you can see from some of the builds i calculated, some mythic weapons make for better accuracy weapon than others. Sauro Commander is probably the best one balance-wise in terms of attainability and stats. Bastion has atk power but lacks the accuracy. A 6 slot/max stat DR weapon or Sauro is the most ideal but difficult to obtain as it requires lots of luck. The Sauro PA has decent chance of getting a max stat PA as it's tuned stats don't vary as high as the DR one as well as it being 6 slot too. If you don't get any 6 slot weapons it's ok. You can still hit the stats you would want, but it just requires some luck and kinah using the eternal lvl60 idians from IO or DR. The build also requires some you have to AP accessories. Next patch should make hitting these numbers a lot easier as they are major upgrades.

-Crit/MR is not really a build I'm that high on. It's very good against other glads (resisting lockdowns and cleave slows to prevent having debuffs buried), templar debuffs, as well as resisting block/MR clerics roots and hallowed strikes. It's a nice noob busting stat too as it prevents undergeared players from dog piling on you. Anything that stacks MA is going to make this build worthless. I made it so that you can get up to 2300 MR while having over 1k crit but people who are more experienced with this can tone down the MR and add more crit to what they see fit.

-MS/Crit/HP set is a set that's becoming popular. Contrary to what some may tell you, while it is pve gear, you do take less damage from mb classes as it directly cuts their mb at a 1:1 ratio with it's high magic suppression. It's a purely defensive set and should be socketed as such. This means composites using HP as the secondary stat. The set also has a lot of HP so mb classes must burn through more HP to kill you. Add HP from food, the plume and you can get well over 18k HP in this set. You can also choose to socket crit/hp in your extendable and further increase your HP pool but it's not necessary. The heal from your second wind will be larger as well and you can inflate it to 21k. I've gone leather with this set as it has crit/acc/atk mods on the pieces themselves so it helps with your offensive stats. Some people do use a mix and match of cloth to get slightly more msup. You can get up to 2014 MS with this set and ap accessories and up to 2104 and 2200 if you add the officer food and cleric/chanter buffs. This is a highly situational set. Do not get caught with it on if there are a bunch of melee. The lowered physical and pvp defense means you will get hit pretty hard. If you have to stay in it for the sake of mulitple casters I suggest popping wall of steel to mitigate some incoming melee damage to buy you time to get rid of the casters.

And that's pretty much it for my guide. I'm not presenting this as the end all be all, but they are just my suggestions to people who ask a billion questions as to what to do and what to get. Discuss away.

Etri, thanks so much for this info. It does help and I highly respect your playstyle in PVP. I've fought you a few times before and it was a blast. Anyways, I have a full rank 1 pvp set with attack / crit comps. I just wanted to see your thoughts (or anyone else) on what to socket in a full DD set? I'm not sure if I want to make this MS for pvp or something else for pve. I honestly don't have a great pve set and my BM set is all crit / acc comps. Any suggestions would be good. I really wanna max out this set to the best of it's ability. My DD PA is all attack / crit comps as well. Thanks for your time!
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Default Re: Building Your Glad

Aspirine is down. :(
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Default Re: Building Your Glad
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Default Re: Building Your Glad

Originally Posted by Azoturan - Siel View Post
Can't see the sets tbh, which was the actual problem Netheil was mentioning as far as I know.

Any possibility on getting updated builds ? MS+Crit or MS+HP ? There's a lot of new weapons out there compared to 4.0 where you'd just grab the best mythic you have and make a crit/acc weapon out of it.

And is dual wielding still as nyerkty in PvP ? I've seen a couple glads rock it pretty well alongside their other sets, for some single-target hard burst goodness.
I just linked an empty set. Mouseclic and Aspirine were different, I thought.

I dunno too much about Glads tbh. Pure IO I think is still high choice for Attack/Crit. Pure DR would be best for acc, I think. Obviously these are not the easiest to obtain.

DD seems pretty available now. Solid weapon. LNK is meh but still viable but not my first option today.

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