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Default Re: Aion physical damage calculation

actually i have 35.9% pvp attack on my gunner, just did the test again to make sure i didn't change gear yesterday with the level 75 gladiator still did 2559 dmg with concentrated fire +5
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Default Re: Aion physical damage calculation

Made some fine tuning of "Level 66+ target damage multiplier" after testing with magical damage for more precision. Note that my level 69 sorcerer is horrendously undergeared (level 56 Resurgent gear) and needs buffs to hit 3200 MB cap against 0 MS common mobs.

For magical spells, "Level 66+ target damage multiplier" affects net Magic Boost (applied after capping net MB, which is after MS deduction, to 3200)

Also corrected "Random Multiplier From Skills" (e.g. 0.5x / 1x / 1.5x for punishment) are applied before physical defense.
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