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Default Arena Instances

I understand that there's a known-issue with the arena instances at this present time, but why do the arenas have to close at all, let alone for such long periods of time?

I might be missing some sort of point to this - game mechanics-wise - but even if there isn't a huge population on at the times the arenas are closed, I'm pretty sure there'll always be SOMEONE queuing for them.

One such demigraphic would be the Australians (like myself) who play on the NA server - which is the recommended server for our region.

My particular problem with the arenas closing at the times they do is that I work full-time. I'll draw a mud map for say, a Tuesday my time:

Get up for work: 6am Arenas close: 6am
Leave for work: 7am Arenas open: 10am
Arrive home: 5pm Arenas close: 6pm
Arenas open: 2am (I'm snoring)

That gives me 1 hour each evening between 5pm and 6pm to do any Arenas (Discipline/Harmony/Chaos) for 15 Archdaevas on Kahrun and Siel servers. This is one the days that I don't have to do shopping on the way home, or my boss doesn't ask me to stay back.

My Saturday is NA's Friday, so if I don't socialise at all through the day (and we do like to BBQ), I can spend my Saturday from 10am to 6pm doing arenas, same for my Sunday, but my Monday is back to work when all the Sunday sieges are happening

I miss out on all the weekly sieges, because they all run during the time I'm at work - except on Friday and Saturday (which is my Saturday and Sunday). I also get one shot at Glory per week.

I probably sound like I'm whinging, and I am, a bit, mainly because I have next week off work, my holiday plans fell through, and I was hoping to no-life arenas instead. Ah well, best laid plans and all that.

But seriously, is there some point behind the schedule of Arenas opening and closing at the times they do? Would it be possible to extend the times they are open, or even just leave them open? Why do they close? For what purpose? I'd love for someone to explain it to me.
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Default Re: Arena Instances

I get it how you feel.

I'm exactly in your position, but after so much left decisions and sugestions, I don't think Aion will change that.

Everygame like Aion have cooldowns and locked areas where will be opened sometimes.

But, is kinda in this way to look, what AION Kr doing, AION NA doing same, so if the kr server will going to have them opened all time, NA will open as them too, otherwise will not do it.
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Default Re: Arena Instances

It's not just the arenas, sadly. I've also read about people who can not attend to sieges and get their GP to keep their ranks either. I really look forward to a survey about finding the best time schedules for the players in-game. It worked out in 4.0-4.5 so why not do it again to adjust it for the community and the offer a better environment to their players. But first things first, NCSoft needs to fix their gaming schedule right now which got screwed over with the patch. That's even worse right now than it was before. ;/

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