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Default Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Hello Daevas,

Last Wednesday, we launched Aion 5.3 update. As you may have gotten familiar with now, the update brought new game systems as well as changes to systems we have been familiar with. In this thread, we would like you to provide constructive feedback to the following:
  • Coalition siege mechanic
  • Arena of Tenacity
  • Dredgion Defense
  • Other game systems

We understand there are some bugs with these systems, and bugs with the update that need to be resolved, but this is not a bug reporting thread. We are looking for your experience with the list above or any other feedback you may have regarding the update.

While you write your response, please consider these questions:
  • What did you like about the system?
  • What did you not like about the system?
  • What are some suggestions that would improve the system?

We will be compiling your feedback into a report and sharing it with the development team.

Thank you.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Coalition -

I like the idea behind this mechanic. It theoretically prevents selfish play by automatically forming alliances for you. Being a primarily solo player, I don't mind the part of it that splits up your normal group or alliance. I think that's meant to be for the greater good, though I guess I can see why some players have issues with that.

I do believe there needs to be some changes to how the coalition leader is designated. There are a lot of high ranks who have no desire to lead anyone and, unfortunately, the way the game rewards GP is completely the reason these players have those ranks. I also think some type of system needs to be put in to remove AFKers from the coalition. There's no reason players should be awarded just for sitting at the landing during siege.

Tenacity -

Simply fantastic. It is a bit of a gear/level check but that's just how Aion PVP works. So far, I think it was implemented well. I can only hope there's some type of real matchmaking so a player who's won every match doesn't get first match against a player who's just trying it for the first time.

Atreian Bestiary -

This is a nice passive reward for grinding through the quests we already have to do anyway. I do feel like the XP amounts could stand to be a little higher, but it's basically bonus XP so I'm not sure if I consider that a super valid complaint.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Coalition siege mechanic

What did you like about the system?
Tbqh, it has potential to be cool. It's nice that having rank can reward you with skills in a coalition that help your faction (for those five people who have their rank to do things for their faction). Forcing everyone to be in a massive group together rather than solo'ing is...well, nice, even speaking as a solo player. No more spamming LFG to get people to join the league or anything.

What did you not like about the system?
The amount of abuse in the system PLUS you can't pick your alliance or join up with your friends or anything like that easily. The abuse? You can be kicked in the last five minutes of siege just because someone is a troll/doesn't like you/whatever and get 0 contribution for the last hour of your time. Some high ranked players refuse to pass lead to those who actually do the leading and use their position of power to negatively affect everyone else there.

Also, getting kicked out of the coalition because you rez'd at the wrong place SUCKS.

Also did they get rid of the pre-5.3 siege buffs? Edit: We had Marchutan rank 2 at Miren last night, so it looks like it's still there.

What are some suggestions that would improve the system?
Allow groups to get in alliances together. I don't have a suggestion for how to combat the griefing issue that NA is blessed with. Start warning/banning griefers?

Haven't gotten to try the other things yet.

The quests for the forts are nice.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request


The one nice thing about the Coalition system is that it forces anyone that wants a reward for the siege to join with everyone else. No more white naming it. No more maxing personal GP and forget helping the faction. Everyone either sinks or swims together.

Now for the bad things.
  • Leadership given by rank – Let’s face it. Rank does not equal ability to lead.
  • Inability to group with friends/legion – Many Aion players continue to play Aion ONLY because of the friends they have made in this game. Forcing them to play apart from those people is beyond cruel.
  • Ability for players to be kicked for no reason – That the leader of an alliance can kick someone from their alliance for NO reason and, if done within the last 5 minutes of the siege, deprive that player of rewards is mystifying. (Though I do understand that players should be kicked for things like being afk or trying to disrupt the siege by doing things like training the alliance.)
  • PvE>PvP – The fact that we get NO points at all for PvP is a huge backwards and turns a mostly PvP activity into a mostly PvE one.

I love sieging. I always have going back to 2009. Even when I was a Kaisinel Elyos and an Israphel Asmodian and we didn’t have a prayer of taking a fort, I still loved sieging and thought it was the best thing about Aion. Sieges have become a big scoop of PvE with a side of frustration and I no longer think I love sieging.

Improve the Coalition by allowing players to join as a group/alliance. Devise some way for the -faction- to choose who has lead of the Coalition. Add a “vote to kick” option where the alliance lead can tell their alliance why someone is being kicked or disable the ability to kick from the alliances in the last 10 minutes. Lastly, add points for PvP.

Dredg Defense:

This was actually rather fun despite not knowing what to expect and the chaos of running around a bit like headless chickens. Though, again, this is just a big old helping of PvE, but it’s the first time we have all had to PvE together as a faction. The rewards were nice enough and may hold players’ interests for a while.

Other System:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new gear swapping system. Had that been the only new thing in the patch, I would call the patch a success.
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Coalition siege mechanic

forces people to join and fight as one

rewards all who contribute

Inability to make legion alliances or join as a group and join the coalition. Basically forcing you to pug seige.

People can afk second toons on landing after joining and get rewards on those for doing nothing thus doubling their medals

Poorly chooses coalition leader

Getting stuck in coalition with no clerics yes it happens

People can kick people just because they want to troll or are just poor sports. Either or control shouldn't be in some peoples hands.

Arena of Tenacity

Great concept however I feel that the inability as a company to deal with people who use helper programs has the chance to really ruin this feature. Yes I lost a match this weekend by someone using these helpers and blinked and teleported all over the place when they knew were gonna lose so they could target me but I couldn't them. I don't mind losing if get outplayed legitly but to lose way I did kind of ruins a promising feature.

Dredgion Defense

Like the concept can't really comment on this as I skipped it due to apathy about things currently happening with the patch and losing the tenacity the way I did. So I watched walking dead instead and chilled lol

Other game systems

the new gear macros are awesome, the fact changes everything at once and not one by one anymore helps with using the old macro system and ending up only getting half the gear.
The ability now to have 2 pieces with same name and it can swap one you want in is really slick and nice

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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Coalition siege mechanic
  • I like forcing people to group up. Honestly, this is a good change. Especially the fact that forts no longer have legion names. It gets rid of a lot of drama
  • There should be a way to have an alliance or group join a coalition together. Every siege so far has been me and a few friends trying to time joining the alliance together and, if put in seperate alliances, leaving and rejoining on repeat in order to get together in an alliance or for a new alliance to be formed.
  • In addition to above, the five minute kick penalty should be rethought out. It's very abusable (kicking a player 5m before siege ends or kicking players so your friends can join above). I understand kicking AFK people or something but people can already AFK on their alternate accounts anyway so I don't think that is needed at the moment.

Arena of Tenacity
  • Great.

Dredgion Defense
  • Siel Elyos managed to get S rank (with 8 seconds remaining!!) so I've done the entire thing. There needs to be better directions and while the rewards are nice if there was better experience incentive or something it would go a long way. At the moment I can see this content becoming dead very quickly. Bumping the quest reward XP by a LOT would be great. You get 80-90 million XP from siege quests and Blood Medal camps give 64 million XP a camp, so why can't Dredgion Defenses give like 200?
  • Also with the damage bug (?) it was possible but without it, it's too hard. So if this is a bug, the content needs to be heavily nerfed or it will never be completed again.

  • More incentive needs to be added if you want this to be anything other than a forgotten system or something like five people do who are either super addicted to collecting things or are a completionist. It's hard to complete, some of the completion stamps are unfair (the boss ones in particular) and you don't get enough from doing it. It can be ignored and I don't think that's good.

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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

I am only going to talk about Coalition siege mechanic cuz thats all i care about.

1. BR-E faction people actually listen and don't have trouble with asmos or taking forts. They pass leader and no drama involved. I think it should remain as is about who gets lead and what not. If people abuse it (you know who), send ticket to GM/Hime/Forum post.

2. Really fun, very active. Gonna be better when merge happens.

1. A nyerk ton of bugs that ima mention below:
-Kisk can't be set by a general or below (not sure about great general but probably can't either)
- what the hell is this? Those pods been there for like 3 days so it can't be taken. They don't despawn after siege.
- Can't join with your legion/friends/ewaifu/ehusbando
- Some people don't get GP for some reason.

2. 5 minute penalty is too much. It should be at least reduced (or even taken out).

The bugs needs to be fixed asap. Maybe not the "Can't join as a group" cuz "working as intended" but others....
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request


I think honestly should put back discipline scrolls please. That was some of the funnest things for us to do for all the 1v1 pvpers.

Another thing is maybe introduce some reset scrolls for Arena of Tenacity on the BCM? Its really not cool to get all excited and then only be able to play twice in the arena. That's probably the most fun thing in the game right now for a lot of people and 2 entries for a whole week just seems very small. Especially with how world PvP is nowdays.

Siege is rather longer now which is OK but we should be able to stay in our group and pvp with who we want like the others are saying.

Other than that Arena of Tenacity is awesome and I just wish we can play more in there PLEASE!!!!!!
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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

Minor enhancements (quality of life changes) - equipment sets - a very nice change, nice world map, new windstreams and teleports

Nice that we have a coin exchange fountain at the start to help us with new armour and accessories

poor implementation of: the daily quest- VERY annoying to get that sound and message

COALITION: doesn't bother me at all that I get mixed in with others from the faction, in fact it's kind of interesting to see whom I'll get- I want us all to work together anyway. In pre-made alliances it didn't always benefit the faction anyway.( I do understand why some people would prefer joining as a group) - but everything else lets you make your groups and alliances, so it's no problem.

Big issue with coalition is twofold; the way that leaders are assigned and the kick system. I do believe that kicks can be justified in any alliance, however it should not be abused. Coalition members should not be: (1) kicked 10 minutes before the end of siege AND (2) do not kick unless the person has failed a ready check. The coalition should be able to vote a leader out before the siege starts, at which point it goes to the next highest rank. Voting ends when coalition starts. Whomever i assigned by rank can pass lead if they don't want to lead.

On TM-E, we just had a coalition break up and most people got no reward due to the same people (the Gov and Commander) kicking people from alliance and refusing to lay down a kisk or pass lead. That really ruined what should have been enjoyable, and what many people looked forwards to

I would encourage people to create a ticket - however don't be surprised if you're told to post here by support.- although some changes could be made by direction from the Community Manager and GMs (while they make a recommendation to KR). I do hope people have the patience to make the effort to login to the forum..

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Default Re: Aion 5.3 Update: Your Feedback Request

My solution to the siege coalition problems:

Have two join options for the coalition.

1. Join as league/alliance leadership, based on rank, and restricted to officers.
2. Join as soldier, open to any Archdaeva.

League/Alliance coalition leaders are selected first then soldiers select which coalition alliance they want to join. Add an option to join any available coalition alliance if a person doesn't care who they group with.

To discourage kicking abuse. Allow players to report abuse. After investigating and finding abuse was done, penalize the abuser by -10,000 gp for first offense. A second offense should result in rank being set to rank 1 if the abuser is an officer and rank 9 if the abuser is rank 1 for "X" days. A 3-day ban to should accompany each punishment.

Add a report afk coalition player and if "X" amount of reports are submitted the reported player gets investigated by a GM and if true receives 3-day ban plus loss of 1,000 gp. If the player was found not to be afk then warn/penalize the reporters.

Add the of total number of enemy coalition forces at the current fort.

X = a number you feel would be appropriate.
Rank is easiest way to select leadership because NCsoft has no idea who is a leader and who is not.

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