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Default Are there any aetherforging guides out thier?

I know its a rare thing for a player to even level aetherforging but for those that do are their any guides people have made or found.

I noticed a lot of the drops you need are Class based

Warrior mobs
Sin mobs
Magical mobs
Special mobs

that drop certain color items. Is their a map like the old anima map that has a list of where a certain type of mob is in mass? to farm a certain color item?

or even info on how many crafts it takes per lvl.
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Default Re: Are there any aetherforging guides out thier?

for 1 - 60:

buy 1 500% charm off broker asap

buy 100 spirit stones of eternity, craft into the staminas

once done, and 10+, craft 1k Processed Ordine Paper

Once done, craft ~2k Fabric Scrolls (these are for MR wings if you want, do another type of scroll if you want to craft other items such as accessories/weapons/armor etc)

grats, l60+.
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Default Re: Are there any aetherforging guides out thier?

I can give you the ones from Norsvold, only some though, as certain type-based monsters are really spaced out between each other, and in other cases I just do not remember.
(Blue = Sin // Red = Mage // Green = Special // Yellow = Warrior)

Just keep in mind the following:
  • Canyon of the Lost Souls
  • Nightbloom Forest
  • Plateau of Aetheric Gales
  • Aetherspring Lake

  • Azurelight Forest
  • Featherfern Jungle

  • Anima's Haunt
  • Echoes of the Past
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