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Default Gear Rating for PvP arena

Hi there, I have recently returned to Aion after about 2-3 years being away. Now I have this little problem known as 'being under geared and being placed vs 5star officers in arena'. This is VERY VERY VERY frustrating when you only have eternal fearless gear and your facing people with mythic +15 abyss gear... and im 100% sure im not the only one that feels this way.

I believe I have a simple solution that draws insperation from a game called Tom Clancy's The Division. A gear rating system that gives PvP gear a points rating that can be used to place/pair players vs players of similar gear level to make the fight more and in turn causing less frustration and making it a little more fun for players like myself to gear up and thus getting us to the level were we can compete in the higher ranked team fights.

This, I believe, will increase the gaming experience for everyone as I can get boring to either be so overpowered that you barely have to do anything, or being so stupid weak that its no use even trying... there is no fun in either solution(coming from someone who has been on both sides).

Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestion as you also considered and implemented my previous suggestion for a costume library that can be implemented over many armors.
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Default Re: Gear Rating for PvP arena

I agree. A gear rating would do well in not only the arenas but all the PvP instances, though the problem could be wait times. If the game is actually matching you to someone (or a group) with the similar gear score to you (or your group) you could end up waiting forever for a match or not getting into the instance/arena at all.
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Default Re: Gear Rating for PvP arena

Rating the gear would be unnecessarily complicated: people could swap the gear before starting the duel, and sorting gears for "OPness" it seems quite hard to realize to me.
From my point of view, the arena is a place where people should play to have fun/learn, regardless of the gear, at all. Games like GW2 force everyone to wear the same gear during arenas: the stats are irrelevant.

Imo, a pvp gear should be relevant in open PvP, sieges, zerg and such. But players that just want to enjoy some duel inside an arena (no matter if they are returning or casual players) can have a chance and enjoy the content only if the stats are irrelevant. Are "pro PvPers" too scared to lose their daily medals/AP if their gear is like their opponent's one? :D
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