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Default Trapping or whatever it called

This may sound a little ambiguous however I was told long time ago about 'trapping'. It means running around while attacking in order to get the bonus status from moving forward.

Today I try it out however it is not working very well, can some1 advise me on how it is done? I move using the default setting of keyboard as foll0w:
w - forward
s - backward
q - camera rotate left
e - camera rotate right
a - strafe left
d - strafe right
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Default Re: Trapping or whatever it called

When I used to play my glad I would tap the forward button and hold for a sec when using on the move skills instead of just holding it down so it almost looks like your sliding. Also helps with autoattack canceling so the animation is a cut a bit more IMO. Since moving forward increases your attack this is good to increase dps, but it also decrease your pdef and I think other defensive stats, while backpedaling increases your defense but decreases your offense. Strafing also decreases your offense but increases your evasion I think. Also, If I remember correctly as long as your holding down forward it doesn't matter if you strafe also because the moving forward trumps the strafing.

In short, I suggest not holding down the 'w' button to constantly move forward but instead used short controlled movements, it should look like your sliding around using skills and autoattacks in between.
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Default Re: Trapping or whatever it called

Well I wouldn't turn the camera with keys if I were you. If you use your mouse to move your camera, you can do this trick much more effectively. Just hold W and use your mouse to aim where you go. Although if someone watches you play, they may get motion sick. I've never had the problem when I did it, but that might be because my brain knows that I'm the one controlling it.
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Default Re: Trapping or whatever it called

When you hold down an arrow key/movement key to move a direction, you'll notice that, in game, you'll see an arrow pointing in that direction pop up shortly after. (Your weapon needs to be drawn for this to show up).

Now, open up your profile, you'll notice you see (+) or (-) signs next to skills based on the direction the arrow is pointing


This was commonly refered to as trapping.

I do not know the exact % bonuses. As a rule I never do anything but forward anyways.

Generally I don't use W much on my assassin, my keybinds are designed to use my mouse to actually move forward while moving my camera, and using my left hand for all keys. This works for me, typically, and my keybinds are designed around that.

As a rule I would recommend learning by not ever using your keyboard to turn the camera, you have such a dramatically less amount of control it just doesn't make sense. Movement is what ussually sets players apart in PVP.

Keybinds are always going to be personal preference though.
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