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Default Illusion Gate ... Upgrades or Higher levels /Transportation

Hello all, I first have to say that I am new to the community of Aion. I am a new character of two weeks maybe. I am just seeing from research of my class's skills, through different media, that there is only one level of the Illusion Gate spell. I personally think that this is a great utilization spell that is exclusive to the Sorcerer. Which is why I was mind boggled why it wasn't greatly utilized to provide better ports to better locations outside sanctum.

From my experience so far with the transportation system, it appears that it is choppy and unfinished. This one instance is a good example. Since the system is in place and graphics are there for Illusion gates anyway, it would only be a simple addition to include higher versions of the spell to allow for different locations for higher levels. I can see if it is unwanted to be learned through a skill book, because then if you are just power leveling, then you would essentially be able to grab the book and port yourself to a different area without doing the quest to take you there. However, what would be a cool implementation, is that if you had to go and talk to the teleport master at certain cities as a quest for the sorcerer's, to learn how to make portals to that city. Then that would alleviate jumping through content inappropriately.

I also have seen that the flight system is "boxy" and very cookie cutter. For example, I was in verteon, excuse my spelling, and I had to always fly back to the citadel to take another flight somewhere else. I don't know why first it couldn't be an continuous flight if it is necessary to fly through the citadel for path mapping. Second I am wondering why it couldn't be implemented where I could fly a different route from one area to another without taking a layover at the citadel?! Especially when it would be much easier to go straight from point A to B, without stopping at Point D first. Lol. Furthermore, why can't I fly from Verteon to lets say Oriel, instead of teleporting when the physical areas aren't far. O.o I can say that I understand if you had to find the flight master in Oriel first, but after that, I should be able to fly freely between since I am aware of the flight masters in the past areas and have visited them physically.

I thank you for reading thus far, sorry for the end there for the beginnings of a rant, but just this change in transportation around the game would allow for smoother transitions between areas and have a better continuity.
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Default Re: Illusion Gate ... Upgrades or Higher levels /Transportation

I don't see why.

for one Illusion gate already brings you to the port guy in Panda or Sanctum. From wher eyou can go EVERYWHERE in the game now.

2- if we give sorc even more port exit, they would never use the teleport guy (which cost money) so that would be giving them an even

For the flight path, I agree it's kind of stupid not to link the different path in the zone together but you get used to it after a while.

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