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Default Returning player LF friendly english legion

What's up guys, for the few that view these forums, I was hoping to reach out and join an noob-friendly, english-speaking legion.

A little bit about myself (to see if I'd fit):

I play as an Elyos SW and my IGN is Thesis.
I played 3 years ago for a couple months (yeah, like actually two months) before returning a little over three weeks ago. I reached 65 as an Asmo ranger on Siel but gave up soon after my legionmates went about their lives (I had school as well so I technically left before they did). Anyway, it's summer and I have some time so I decided to come back. Felt completely out of the loop on the server (everything is so much more expensive than I remembered) so I re-rolled here.

I'm currently level 59 (I probably would be 65 by now but I spent the past 9 days farming BTHM for SW gear cause I really wanted it) and was hoping to join a legion that emphasizes both endgame PVP/PVE and a family atmosphere. I was never much of a PVPer (or even PVEer, since I never ran instances back then and just grinded) but I'm willing to learn now.

Something I really have to note is that my activity will become sporadic following the end of August because I will be going back to my university, I'll try and make time on weekends for maybe a couple hours but I can't promise anything.

TL;DR: 59 SW on Elyos LF friendly, endgame, english-speaking legion. Won't be as active by September. Please shoot me a mail or something in-game if you think I could fit in your legion, and thanks!

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