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Default WANGS Recruiting (Asmodian Beritra Server)

Hello this is Nami-BR,

WANGS is a Asmodian Beritra legion. We are looking for quality players or people willing to learn. We want to have a relax legion of pvp/pve mostly pvp. We are looking for quality not quantity. * we are not a Brazilian legion, we are on the Beritra server and thats all* Keep this in mind before whispering.

Level 65+
  • No hackers tolerated
  • No alts
  • Being able to read/use english is needed
  • Teamspeak3 access, be willing to login to ts3 99% of the time for PvP/PvE
  • Be somewhat active, if you arent gonna do anything don't bother
  • Be willing to PvP and actively listen to mark calling. Slow response time is unacceptable
  • Obtaining Abyss PvP gear is a must. There are a multitude of ways to obtain a PvP Abyss set in Aion so dont bring up the excuse that you have no time. (I personally work 13 hours a day)

Ask questions. Motivate yourself and for the most part, have fun. Our legion likes to have fun and make jokes frequently. It's ideal if you are +18 or just a mature individual. If you are interested in joining Private message "Nami" in game on Asmodian side. If you are gearless but experienced, I will test you on skill and knowledge. Don't expect to be carried.


(trolls will be instantly blocked so goodluck)

People with bad manners who reply to this thread, don't waste you're time. I don't care, ahaha ' - '
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Default Re: WANGS Recruiting (Asmodian Beritra Server)

im gonna bump this cause thats some effort put in~

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Default Re: WANGS Recruiting (Asmodian Beritra Server)

Oh look a thing.
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Default Re: WANGS Recruiting (Asmodian Beritra Server)

Hello Nami

I`m a gladiator from IS and i would like to start again on BR with ur legion and a new toon.
If you guys will accept me from low lvl i promise i will make 65 so fast for you guys


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