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Default Issues loading the game..

I just installed yesterday and everything went smoothly. Tried running the game and crashes everytime before the game even loads. Getting aion client has stopped working. After googling for some old answers, it led me to trying to run the game in compatibility mode. Which actually got the game to move passed that spot and actually open up. But then it gets to the load bar screen and gets half way and the computer crashes to blue screen. I was able to unclick compatibility mode and still have it open by following another suggestion to try and force the game to run in 32 bit instead of 64 bit, however same thing..Gets through half the load bar and crashes with a blue screen.

I ran the can I run it desktop app before installing the game and it says I meet at the very least minimum requirements. Im not too sure of all the specs, but I know I have 8 gigs ram, and its running 2.4 cpu speed. Im running windows 10 64 bit and I believe the laptop has built in graphics. I did install to the D drive, while the installer/launch is on the C drive, would that cause problems? Its how I always did it before. But even the launcher is giving me the e03001 error. Ive never had problems like this before so im not really sure whats going wrong.
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Default Re: Issues loading the game..

I tried to play Aion on a laptop of 9 years ago, with a crappy built in graphic card and it launched (although it's utterly unplayable), so that shouldn't be the problem.

Looking for the error code e03001, I found this:
It basically means that you may have tried to launch the game with the "NCLauncher.exe" inside your game folder. They suggest to use the shortcut in your desktop.
I didn't even know that this could cause a crash, but so they say.
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Default Re: Issues loading the game..

I currently play Aion on a craptop with a built-in graphics, so confirming that's not the problem.
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Default Re: Issues loading the game..

Did you update your graphics drivers?

The launcher on C with the game on another drive isn't unusual. Mine is on C: while my game is on F:.
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