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Default Hello!

Hello all!
im coming back to AION, at least until FF14. I was in BETA and played the first month but it was such a mess back then. now im back and im going Asmo like i was before, i dont care if its 'harder' I dont like the shiney Elys and thier cheerleader outfits and thier zones hurt my eyes. gimme pretty purples and black! =)

Im going on Israe and im going to be a Mage/Sorc. i just like killing things before they get to me hehe. wondering if there are any guild willing to take a newbie?
Old 07-17-2010, 07:57 PM
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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome back! Look forward to killing your toons in game!
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Default Re: Hello!

Good that we're getting some Asmos back who are actually up for the challenge.
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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome back! ^_^

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