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Default Re: My initial impressions

What do you guys think of the community? Some friends who started up recently say it's more organized and cool than other MMOs they've played, and the fort PvP concept seems to encourage that; is that true?

I'm new to MMOs, though I have friends who have played WoW and I played for a brief spurt of time. I despise grinding but I'm enjoying the aesthetic and lore and cool people I've encountered. I really hope Aion doesn't degenerate (more?) while I play.
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Default Re: My initial impressions

I have played a lot of MMos and all of them have the same community. Full of decent people and whiny kids both. Sad but true. just find a decent group of people of your type and go have fun and don't worry about it.
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Default Re: My initial impressions

Originally Posted by Shutupndance - Israphel View Post
Full of decent people and whiny kids both. Sad but true. .

I think that is about the smartest (and most truthful) thing I have ever seen on ANY MMO forum!

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Default Re: My initial impressions

Originally Posted by Moka - Israphel View Post
How about jumping on the elevator going down in Sanctum.............. yeah learned the hard way.

I agree with the music it's rather cheesy/odd/dumb to have club/dance like music in a video game with heavenly/angelic characters..................... but anyway.

People will tell you **** like "NCSoft made TOO many servers at start to succumb to the mass flow of new players etc.. and now we are at the amount of servers that is normal"

That's total BS and hiding from the truth IMO.. I never seen any other games use that as an excuse lol... but w/e this game is dying and in a pityful state atm most people are just waitin for FFX and GW2 at this point.

It's a Korean game ..
You don't really know what you're talking about. MMORPGS are different from other genres when it comes to pre-release hype, simply because of the amount of servers they would have to potentially maintain, and since flavor of the month MMO's are regularly dubbed "WoW killers". You have MMO's that are heavily played for the first month or so, and gradually come back down. This isn't exclusive to Aion, the exact same thing happened to Warhammer, AoC, and pretty much every MMO on the market except for WoW (and WoW has actually come a lot closer to merging servers than you might think).

Also, ever since WoW came out, consumers seem to have unrealistic expectations for MMO's. Pre-WoW tens of thousands of players was considered a healthy player base, and now a game has to have subscribers in the millions to be considered healthy. What's rather funny, is since the player base is always divided into servers, you never actually play with millions of other people, you're only playing with maybe 3-5 thousand of that million, which isn't all that different if there was only 1 server that had 3-5 thousand on it.

On a side note, Aion has an advantage over other mmo's, in that since it is Korean, and the game is still very successful over there, we're not likely to see the game actually "die" anytime soon. Aion will just become a niche MMO.
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Default Re: My initial impressions

IMO the game really changes as you get to be higher level and have different instances and things available to you. I really don't think the grind on this game is all that bad and the 1.9 patch decreased it as well.

To me, the game stays alive because of the friends and rivalries I've made here. I love PVP and I don't mind working hard for my achievements. To me it's almost a status thing like "Yeah, I was insane enough to spend x hours grinding so I could have this weapon which I'm now beating you to death with..."

In all honesty though, I find people who have become accustomed to the easier leveling and more simplistic questing of WoW will have a soft spot for that style of game. Comparatively, Aion will seem more difficult and that turns some people away. I'm not bashing anyone, it's just a preference thing. I personally enjoy a challenge and the simplicity of WoW doesn't appeal to me.

For example, when I pick up a game that has a difficulty option, I always turn it straight to hard and then get owned. Why? Because firstly it forces you to adapt and learn more quickly which speeds up how good you become, and two because then if you decide to go down to normal or such it makes it feel like easy mode. If you start on easy, normal seems hard. I'm sure you see which games are which in this analogy.

Anyways, why ponder your first impressions? Play the game, play it the way you want, and if it entertains you and you get your monies worth then continue, and if not, then you are always free to play other games. Just do what makes you happy, but don't be someone who doesn't like the game and feels the need to bash it for no reason. Most importantly, have fun. ^^

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