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Default pvp

So is there a place or ever a time where you actually pvp against people your own level? Aside from dueling.
It seems to me that gear and skill mean absolutely nothing in this game. It's a numbers game and nothing else.

You jump into a rift- You kill some people 10 levels below you, then someone 10 levels above you comes and kills you.

You go to the abyss- Solo, you're going to die against large groups/ a higher level. Group L25-49, you die from a group of 50s.

I don't understand how any of that is fun, for either sides.
'If you don't like it then don't play it' <- that's wonderful, stop deflecting and say something intelligent.

I really want to enjoy this game, I really do. But I don't see how it's possible, unless you're 8 years old and think blowing through lowbies is skillful.
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Default Re: pvp

Once you get to 50 it all evens out. then you are only fighting against other 50s.

In patch 2.0 in Spet there is going to be a group 50-55 area to pvp in.
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Default Re: pvp

One can attribute the bleeding of accounts to 3 major things in Aion:


Believe it or not, gear makes a huge difference. A gladiator in golds and blues, all enchanted several times, will walk all over a gladiator in greens and maybe a few blues, with only +1 and +2 enchantments at best. It'll be a tank steamrolling a guy with a hand gun. My brother is an assassin in mostly greens, and he'll be damned to keep his account open if he gets ganked one more time without any chance of escape or putting up a fight. I can tolerate the ganks a little bit better, but I can see where he's coming from - I'm only capable of delaying the inevitable with my main's current gear.

One would have to be a complete idiot to not know they're picking up a PvP oriented game. What one does not expect, is that they won't be a part of any actual PvP until they have a level 45+ in decent equipment. Until then, it's just getting ganked over and over and over and over.

I urge you to try and enjoy your stay in Aion, but I won't blame you if you quit because of over zealous ganking. The grind has gotten better, the RNG is a play against the odds, but ganking just seems to get worse.

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