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Default Master's Quest

I have the master's quest I've done it like 20 times and since the patch it require's static which is hard to find I've made the necklace over and over and it wont show that I've made it even though I have am I doing something wrong?
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Default Re: Master's Quest

I think it's an issue someone brought up in the Known Issues thread
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E02018 error?
Quests missing? Game Options -> Interface -> check Display Low Level Quests -> Apply
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Default Re: Master's Quest

Id the issue fixed? Will do this soon...
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Default Re: Master's Quest

That sounds incredibly inconvenient. I suggest submitting a Ticket about the problem, listing the name of the quest and the item that is needed. Screenshots of the error might help too so they can see exactly what is wrong/mis-typed. Seeing as they (the staff) removed [Static] items from the game it is their responsibility to make game corrections and you should not be forced to buying redundant items off the market.
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Default Re: Master's Quest

It's fixed. At least I was able to finish my Handicraft Master's test.

Did you actually fail your Master's test 20 times? That's an awful lot of kinah and materials to fail that many times.

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