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Default Understanding Macros

Hey Guys,

I am brand new to this game even tho I was there for the beta some time last year. I need a little help with understanding macros. Here's what I had followed by the problem.

/Quickslot 1 1 1
/Delay 3
/Quickslot 1 1 2

The problem I am having with this is that once after the first quickslot action in the macro, it just completely stops. It stops attacking and stops following the commands I inserted in the macro even after the 3 second delay. Any help here on how to connect skill slot one with two without delay followed by continuous attack?

Thanks and all information is greatly appreciated :)
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Default Re: Understanding Macros

I don't suggest using the Macro system, as you've already discovered, it's pretty difficult to figure out and needs reworking.
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Default Re: Understanding Macros

The macro system is real easy, there's just quite a bit to take into account.

The reason your macro doesnt do anything after the first skill is (even if the second skill has a 0 second cast-time) because the attack after the second cancels both itself and the previous skill. A simple delay slighty larger than the cast time (or, in case of instant spells: the animation time (guesstimate it)) should resolve this problem.

So to answer your question: no, there is no way to do it without adding an delay.
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Default Re: Understanding Macros

you don't really need /attack there anyway.. in mele auto attack is automatically triggered with the other attacks. if you become a ranger then thats a different story.

edit: I may be wrong when it comes to macros (now that I think about it).. don't know if a macro might cancel auto attack. but try taking it out and see what happens.

edit2: confirmed.. just remove /Attack and you should be good. oh, and you could probably shorten the delay also, just have to try a few.

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