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Thumbs down Beginner's Luck

Well, I got a bit of a late start, but I just entered the world of Aion again after a 3 year break, and I come onto the new server hoping that I wouldn't be too far behind the general population......
I was promptly corrected. -.-'
Just wondering how many Twinks ganking a server needs to have before NCSoft decides that we need another new server? When u spend hours grinding to get the money for a full set of +5 Fabled, and realize you are still at the bottom of the barrel when you can no longer even PvE without being owned by Rifters, you begin to lose interest. Personally, it's not so bad for me, because i realize that it is a natural event in most MMO's, but eventually, this is one of te reasons games die: High twink rate makes newbies leave, therefore server full of vets; eventually vets leave, game dies.
I dont really pay attention to the server creation in MMO's too much, but i cant believe noone has missed this, so i wonder: when is a new server going to come?
I now leave this thread open for (hopefully) useful and intelligent people, who have the confidence of their real lives to be mature when noone knows who they are; and not get people who are shut-in's who need to act like the trolls they are too afraid to be irl, in order to feel like they have an achievement SOMEWHERE.
Would appreciate too if a GM answered, or is that too foreward of me? >.>

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