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Default Quest - Friends for Life

Hi, I currently stuck on a quest that the title of this topic already entails and I'm in need of some assistance. I have pretty much cleared the dungeon 'Taloc's Roots' and have reached the very end of this dungeon. Once there, I was given a cut scene to slay the queen monster then destroy the egg and it would supposedly fly me to the upper area of the dungeon. However, when I completed the task of slaying the queen monster, and the egg, the egg did explode leaving a large gust of wind that was suppose to take me to the upper floor. When I attempted to stand on the area that I was directed to, nothing happens. Does anyone have any idea what I should do at this point? Please keep in mind this is a yellow quest, yes I have completed all the minor quests within this dungeon and currently sitting in the dungeon as you read this. xD Hopefully I can find some answers to solve this issue. Thanks for reading!

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