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Default [Group]General Mania

Character Name: Chibirider
Class: Assassin
Server: SL
Location: Abyss/NTC
Quest: <[Group]General Mania>


The name of the quest "in-game" does not match with the name in "Aterian Atlas", therefore cannot claim the reward.

In game quest name [Group]General Mania
Aterian Atlas quest name [Group]General Destruction

Please fix this, so that I can claim the ring reward :D

Thank you~!
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Default Re: [Group]General Mania

Ya having the same trouble, so ... {Bump}
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Default Re: [Group]General Mania

The quest General Destruction is the NTC quest you can get in Reshanta. General Mania, from Eltnen is the an identical quest, with the same objective and rewards, but it does not get you the Atlas reward.

It's been like this for a long time, and don't hold your breath about getting the ring. I lost out on one of my characters, too.

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