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Default Abyss Equipment

It seems like people are kind of hinting at getting abyss equipment in a certain order, or a specific set.

What set should I buy with my AP? And in what order? I should start buying some at 40 right?
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Default Re: Abyss Equipment

I'd say forget buying abyss gear until 50 yeah you get Miragent/Fenril at 50 but heck Abyss pvp gear at 50 is just as hax especially the weapon. Also...adv stigmas at 45 so I wouldn't advise buying any unless you want the gloves with the attk speed boost.

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Default Re: Abyss Equipment

I bought a blue ring when I was level 30 to fill a spot I had a green. But I do regret not saving points. The stigma's are a big deal breaker so that's what Ive been saving for. BTW Im 41.

I would say if your going to spend the money the gloves would be worth it or else maybe a weapon if you can afford one. Im still using my expert 33 gloves for the attack speed boost and they are as powerful(pretty much) as the Mist Mane gloves you get for grinding hairs but with much better bonus stats.

So look at equipment you can easily get and see what would be worth spending points on to fill in the blanks. Personally wish I saved the money from the L33 gloves for a new weapon/enchant stones but we all have to learn.
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Default Re: Abyss Equipment

Get the lvl 40 elite set.

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