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Default Help with thangs

Hello my dear...

I'm a nooby sorc at end-game, just created my mythic ac set and now I just wanna know what stigma's (stigma build) to use for pvp. So any pro mlg sorcs out there got some knowledge to pass on?

have a nice day :)

(edit: i like chicken)

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Default Re: Help with thangs

From my point of view as a songweaver, sleeps are the biggest toon sorcs have. You want things to help you Crowd Control(CC). Theres like an aoe stun sorcs have as a blue stigma. Youll also want like a few nukes to help just annihilate who you are going for. I get 3 shot basically. Magma burst, storm strike and flame spray usually kill me or get me down right to the point of "ow why so mean for". But your crowd control will help you control the sitsuations. Read the stigmas and learn how your class is. Its better that way. Are you knew to the game by any chance?
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Default Re: Help with thangs

my stigma build is:
glacial shard, flame spray, storm strike, boon of quickness, sleeping storm, arcane thunderbolt

glacial shard, flame spray and storm strike are my main nukes

sleeping storm is very useful for when you have multiple opponents especially in pvp

boon of quickness is my most used skill in pvp and following it up with your nukes results in most classes dying

arcane thunderbolt is also good with is 1sec cast time and a chance to stun the opponent

i hope this was of some help to you :)

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