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Default Is it Possible?

My cooking is at master lvl 541, but it felt like it has stopped increasing ever since I've been cooking for my legion. Even the 500 cooking recipes are considered to be low for me >.<.
One person recommended that I should try the new cooking recipes from one of the Katalam camps by buying with Gleaming Balaur Hearts (is that what it's called? @.@). Even the ingredients for it are hard to find >.<.

Is there a way to boost my cooking to 549 or will I be forever stuck at 541? In addition, are there any new cooking recipes other than the ones from Katalam?

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Default Re: Is it Possible?

Pretty sure the highest recipes are only 500.
There's no real cap on craft level, but a recipe can only take you up 40 levels before it stops giving craft xp. Thus, 540 / 541 is the highest you can go right now.
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Default Re: Is it Possible?

yep max you can go is +41 over recipe lvl

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