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Old 04-21-2017, 02:31 PM
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Default MAD-7D4 Bug in Luna instance daily

Every day when I do the daily Luna instance on most my characters, I have noticed that every run the FIRST MAD-7D4 that spawns doesn't stop in front of the first barricade (if its still up) to cast its "destruction" spell. Instead it runs through the barricade to the second, then turns around and targets the first THEN casts "destruction". This wouldn't bother me except it has cost me a few S runs because sometimes the NPC's will kill MAD before I can finish casting my 5 ability and I don't get the drops to make more canons.

I have experienced this bug every single sun for about a week now. I think there has been one or two runs where this didn't happen.

Character Information:
Most runs completed on my main: Sheitori, Templar, lvl 71, Israphel, Elyos.
GracieChan, Spiritmaster, lvl 66, Israphel, Elyos (same account as Sheitori)
SakuraChanGT, Aethertech, lvl 40, Israphel Elyos (same account as Sheitori)
RakuraKun, Cleric, lvl 67, Israphel, Elyos (different account than my main)
Reitori, Templar, lvl 67, Israphel, Elyos (also a different account than both of those)
Haitori, Muse, lvl 30, Israphel, Elyos (same accoutn as Reitori)

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