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Default Quest Cooking 499-500

My friend has a problem when changing 499 to 500, which has produced Agheia's vegetable dish - recipe item, but you can not buy anywhere. (quest item isn´t in merchant Daraia)

It is a crit from a recipe Vidar'sa these recipes or just missing?

It's been a long time since I made ​​a master craft, so I do not remember...

Thank you for advice
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Default Re: Quest Cooking 499-500

I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I think you're having trouble with getting the recipe for the master crafting test? If so, you can only buy it in pandemonium (if you're an asmo) and sanctum (if you're an elyos). Not sure if they added it to Oriel/Pernon, but it wasn't there when I did the quest. It's a one-time use recipe and every time you fail, you have to buy another.
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Default Re: Quest Cooking 499-500

Other than for the expert test, you don't have to buy recipes for the master test. The cooking master in Sanctum/Pandaemonium sends you to the vendor to get the first recipe, not to buy it but to get it from the quest. Cook it and whatever is the outcome, bring it to the master and they will send you to the vendor again, either to get the next recipe or to get this one again until all four came out tasty.

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