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Default Gunner Class stats.

Will Gunner's main stats be ACC/ATK/CRIT kind of like rangers, or will it be some weird mix of ma/atk or something? I'm curious about the stats for my current abyss gear, ap is hard for me to build up I'd hate to use it on the wrong items.
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Default Re: Gunner Class stats.

I figure maybe wait it out and save. There is always some information where people get insane about maximizing their stats and make a post about how to do so. Keep yer eyes peeled my lovely.
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Default Re: Gunner Class stats.

I believe gunner stats is based on Magic boost/magic acc because if u been looking at the "gathering 4.0 infortmation" he did say there are 2 set of leather one gives magic boost(gunner/sin) and other gives evasion or acc (ranger/sin) I recommend you should save ur ap till 4.0 actually relased (dec 20 in KR) because there will b a lot of changing until then ^^
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Default Re: Gunner Class stats.

Based on Google Translator, the gunner appears to be magic based classed. And I think it says they added a new leather type that benefits them.

As for your stats and style of play:

Before you ascend:

After you ascend to a gunner:

All gunner skills and stigmas:

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