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Default Leaf Box

Is there any way to actually get ALL the leaves listed when a character trades in their tokens for a leaf box? The announcements indicate that the box contains Life Leaf, Winter Leaf, Spring Leaf, Summer Leaf and Autumn Leaf. I was excited since I'd finally be able to complete that silly leaves of the seasons quest that has you hunt impossibly random spawns. I dutifully did the daily events until I had 100 tokens. Then traded them in for my Leaf Box. Imagine my disappointment when all I received was a Life Leaf. Which the quest doesn't even require.

If I need to collect another 100 tokens to get the second leaf, this event needs to be seriously extended. And if there is only a random chance at 1 leaf, I think the announcement should say that the same way it said it for some of the costumes. Either way, players be warned, you may not get what you're expecting.

I was playing Ovilar (Chanter level 31). I bought and opened the box about 5 PM Central time only to get a single leaf. If someone could look into this it would be greatly appreciated as I hate to think I wasted my time on all my characters attempting to complete this quest.
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Default Re: Leaf Box

I did the math early on; if you do all three dailies every day for the entirety of the event you should be able to get two leaf boxes. You should be able to get 220 coins by the very last day, assuming 'lasts til Jan 2' isn't 'shuts off Jan 1'.

I got an autumn leaf out of mine.
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Default Re: Leaf Box

I wished I saw your post sooner. I finally got my 100 coins today and was going for my wings. When the box only gave me 1 Life Leaf I thought I was bugged. I came on here to see if anybody else reported it.

The wording is clearly different from the other items where it states "Gives either...". The event description indicates you get all the leaves to complete your request to get the Gauron wings.

I hope somebody looks into this.

Also, I'm a new player. The reward item names don't mean anything to me. How about a screenshot of the items and stats they give so we can be wiser when choosing our rewards.
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Default Re: Leaf Box

Well I had to see if it was just a glitch on that character, so I tried it with another character. The description in Thauminerk's store for the [Event] Leaf Box states: A box containing a variety of leaves. Double-click to open.

The listing from the Aion websites announcements:

It sounds like you get all five leaves. Not a random single leaf. Unfortunately, it appears to be misleading and you do NOT get all five. When I bought and opened a leaf box with my level 32 sorcerer, she received a Spring Leaf. Extremely disappointing. Not only did she only get one leaf, but it is also untradeable, unsellable, unstorable in the account warehouse and unstorable in the legion warehouse. So even if you were lucky enough to get the 4 different leaves needed on 4 different characters, you can't combine them to a single character to get your wings. Unless they release a patch to fix this before the event ends, I'd highly recommend avoiding the leaf box.
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Default Re: Leaf Box

Are you serious... Glad I got lazy.
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Default Re: Leaf Box

I got the same impression. It says a variety of leaves, not a leaf...
And in the description it lists all the leaves and nowhere does it mention the word 'chance of' like in the other descriptions.
So it's clear to me that we should get all the listed leaves.
Soooooooooo disappointed...
What can we do to get what we were promised?

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