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Default Account and Password Security

The NCSOFT team would like to remind our players that in today’s environment of sophisticated electronic surveillance by illicit parties that players maintain password and account “hygiene” in order to safeguard their personal information and their treasured play experiences.

Here are some account/password Best Practices NCSOFT would recommend:
  • Please use upper & lower case as well as a number in your password
  • Don’t use a birthdate or anything close to your userid
  • Reset your passwords on a regular basis
  • Don’t share your password with any other party. NCSOFT will never ask you for your password.
  • Try not to send passwords in unencrypted transmissions over the Internet (like email)
  • When using a password assure that you start a new browser tab rather than navigating from an already open browser tab.

Recently an RMT posted personal account information for a small number of players. We are currently in the process of notifying those users and monitoring their accounts for illicit activity.

To be clear, none of the NCSOFT games were compromised in any way to acquire the information. Account information was gathered without the knowledge of the account holder in an illicit manner outside of the security infrastructure of NCSOFT.

NCSOFT takes the security of its players very seriously and we will continue to take appropriate action to defend the safety of player information.

If you feel that your account has been compromised by an external party please contact NCSOFT Customer Support immediately.

-The NCSOFT Team
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Default Re: Account and Password Security

So can we assume that whoever gets their account stolen bought some kinda of RTM?
Ban em all!
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Default Re: Account and Password Security

Thanks for reminding.

*changing my pw now*
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Default Re: Account and Password Security

Originally Posted by Hada - Israphel View Post
So can we assume that whoever gets their account stolen bought some kinda of RTM?
Ban em all!
No you can't just assume that. There is other ways out there that they get a hold of people's accounts and not just for RMT activity. That is unfair to assume someone is doing something illegal just bec they got their account hacked into. Sure the chances of getting your account hacked if you buy power leveling services from an RMT are very high. However that does not mean that anyone who has their account stolen participated in these activity's.

I am sure each case is being treated individually.

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Default Re: Account and Password Security

Ok so, I was thinking about this whole situation. If NCsoft actually cared about their players and whether or not they get their accounts stolen or have proper security features. Then why on earth do we not have security tokens yet? It would solve all the problems, you could even sell them in the NCSoft store to make the money back you spend on making them.

Seems to me like you guys dont care enough :/. I mean this thread was a basic response to issues people are having a response that does not take that much thought or effort to do. I would actually like to see some REAL effort being put into the player base that pays your salaries. I am tried of being treated like we do not matter. When in fact, we are the whole reason NCsoft staff are able to pay their bills and feed their children. Sure is a nice way to treat the hand that feeds you....

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Default Re: Account and Password Security

Just a suggestion, but you might want to expand the password perimeters so that we can set one that starts with a number.
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Default Re: Account and Password Security

Scumbag NCsoft.

Adds PIN security to accounts.

Changing PIN doesn't requires the previous PIN.

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