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Default Aion Installer Bittorrent Download

The 1.9 patch has arrived and the update servers are being slammed by tens of thousands of people either trying to download a 12 gig install file or the 4 gig update using the launcher. Most of the attempts for myself at least to install the patch have been unsuccessful and I've had to reinstall the game using the launcher which downloads yet another 12 gigs of data. Most home users have a max data transfer limit before they have to pay extra per gigabyte on the monthly Internet services bill.

I'm suggesting the aion dev team give some serious consideration to providing a bittorrent download option to the user community with a full offline installer that does not use the launcher to install the game. The merits of bit torrent distribution have been widely known for many years.

1) Many highly popular game studios utilize bittorrent to distribute patch content or the full offline game installer.

2) ncsoft would definitely see a lower cost associated with server maintenance costs as a result of lower bandwidth usage.

3) Users would have a much more pleasant experience from not having to wait for unresponsive download servers which have been crippled by excessive access

3) Download speeds on game installs or patch downloads would not need to be throttled as a result of peer to peer bandwidth pool potentially becoming hundreds of times larger than aion's download servers could ever muster

4) The overall experience of providing an offline reusable bittorrent download and installation method would provide much faster use of the i win button for impulsive interested players. Keeping a perspective user interested for up to eight hours or more while the game downloads is fairly unlikely prospect

5) If a game reinstall was required the entire game installation would not need to be redownloaded unless the user interactively deleted the installation media from the saved folder it was downloaded to utilizing bittorrent and hey sharing is beneficial so why would anyone delete the files when seeding the files would improve peers in the aion community with a faster more efficient download experience!

6) Setting up and running a bittorrent tracker and providing .torrent files for users to download game patches or the entire current game installer can be accomplished on extermely inexpensive hardware running any distribution of Linux which requires zero financial investment for the OS software. Ubuntu server would be more than adequate.

7) Ncsoft already has the website component in place to provide .torrent file download for these proposed installation files. The cost of one server meeting these specifications would likely be thousands of dollars per month less expensive than a server farm and the internet connection required to provide download access for Potato concurrent users
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Default Re: Aion Installer Bittorrent Download


NCSoft does care and they have answered in force with a bittorrent tracker and torrent downloads! Bravo =D

Originally Posted by {CC**Trine - Siel View Post
I am sorry to hear you are still having issues with patching.

We have put up a new torrent that may help you.

Download the full 1.9 client via our torrent server

If you continue to have problems PLEASE contact Customer Tech Support so you can get some assistance.

Call by Phone: Phone customer service for billing and technical issues from Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 5 p.m. CT, by calling (512) 225-6359. Phone support for in-game issues is not available.

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