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Default Shugo Instance Guide!

Many of us became intimately familiar with the Shugo instance during its last run when it became a staple in nearly everyone's AP diet. Those people likely need no instruction on how to properly execute a Shugo run and would rather claw their eyes out than read a guide on it. That being said...I'm sure there are people who may not have had a chance to get acquainted with it so I figured I'd throw a quick guide together!

What you'll need
  • Three people level 51+ (Class/Level doesn't matter)
  • Mostly clear inventories
  • Copious amounts of willpower and finger strength.

Tips and Tricks
  • Standing at max attack distance from bosses will put you outside their AoE skills
  • Set loot to free for all or leader loot
  • Designate one person to loot/use all chills/heals
  • Godstone effects activate normally (Damage included)
  • Position yourselves where mobs will spawn before starting a round
  • Make sure you're carrying plenty of jellies, some Shugo skills use DP

Common Mistakes
  • Cluttered inventories
  • "Double-tapping" items. (Set them to a key and hit them ONCE)
  • Wasting items on side towers or in early rounds
  • Tag looting, they are not shared loot and are untradeable so only loot one!


(All items have no cooldowns, be sure to only use one at a time!)

You'll be receiving keys from each of the bosses that can be used to open up chests in the final room. There are three potential rooms you may enter; The Emperor's room (Gold), the Emperess' Room (Silver), and the Prince's Room (Bronze). Your room will be determined by the "tags" acquired from assembling the four map pieces dropped by bosses throughout the instance and from the last boss who drops three random tags.

The boxes in each room will contain a variety of loot ranging from relics and medals (Common) to Stormwing armor and weapons (Uncommon) and even eternal wings and a pet that gives composite manastones/felicitious socketing when fed Shugo Coins! (Rare)

There are also two types of boxes, each has a chance to contain anything mentioned above but the larger boxes have a higher chance to contain the more uncommon loot. Small boxes will cost one key while the large boxes cost three.

Each "boss" will have a chance to drop keys that can be used to open chests at the end of the instance. These keys will disappear once you exit the instance so make sure you use all of them!

In addition to the keys obtained from the bosses you can also buy "Immortal" chest keys that persist even after you leave the instance. These can be obtained through a one-time quest and may also be bought off the BCM or from other players in-game. They are used the same way as normal keys (One per small box, three per large box)


All information here is based off the previous Shugo event. I will update it if any considerable changes have been made to the event! I'll also be recording a round-by-round video that goes a bit more in-depth on how to handle each round.

Feel free to post any questions or difficulties here. If you have anything to suggest feel free to post that as well!

Have fun!

Sinicide 4 God. <3

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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

in instance, my dps depends on my weapon?
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

No, It doesn't. But Blind/Para God Stones may help a lot.
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

Also Damaged Godstones help a lot. My Zikel's pride proc so much last shugo event.
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

so i can go dualwield on my glad with 2 dmg godstones ? :D
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

i have white level 3 weapon with gold para godstone so I can trade around for this event.
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

dont forget the omnomnommyness of the blind godstone, saves ya a LOT of heal/chills and can save ya skin

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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

But most importantly, it all comes down to teamwork.
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

bamping this thread. seems there are a lot of noobs still. hopefully they will visit the forums. i told one guy harshly to research this instance and stop wasting other people's time.

another epic one: 7 white keys dropped but a guy in group rolled on my tag and no completed maps to make a tag.
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Default Re: Shugo Instance Guide!

Went ahead and gave this a sticky. Enjoy the event!

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