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Default Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

I would like a step by step explanation on how to reach Draupnir Cave easily. Few questions though.

1) Do you have to do Meeting a Mau Spy quest before you can enter the Dimensional Corridor that leads into the cave?

2) Where is the Corridor for the cave located?
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Default Re: Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

1) You must have completed the quest line up to collecting the two key pieces and turning that quest in. We had someone that had not completed the quest try to use the corridor last night and it would not let them in.

2)It is in Indratu, from memory it is by Neute Barren (most likely all misspelled).
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Default Re: Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

1) Complete quest line for Meeting a mau spy.

2) Dimensional Corridor near the entrance of Indratu. The bottom right entrance on top of a hill. Close to Greatmage Shivhaz by not exactly next to it, it is straight across from the entrance. It will look like a rift.

3) Easier and better just to rift to asmodae, and enter the instance from that side as you can put up a kisk and respawn anytime outside to come back in. If the corridor closes and you somehow get kicked out or wipe, you can't get back in as it launches you outside of where you entered from (Asmodae entrance or Corridor).
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Default Re: Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

Is their any drops worth the time in their?
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Default Re: Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

Sub bosses have chances to drop pretty decent Golds.

Final boss is pretty tough, and drops nice weapons.

You can boss rush in around 2 minutes flat, so I guess it could be worth the effort if you have a team that can kill the final boss.
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Default Re: Draupnir Cave (Elyos)

First boss drops a nice pair of gold 22% level 47 boots for each armor type. Takes about an hour to clear to him at a leisurely pace.

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