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Default steel rose cargo+steel rose quarters(solo)

ok yesterday i wass in this 2 solo instances to see new things work.....i wanna tell im really dissapointed cuze i see a copy of steel rake and steel rake cabin with pink mobs!wtf....the mobs are easy at start but exp.rate suks 120k=mob kill, is worst then in aturam sky fort 180k=mob kill,third things the drop and kinah drop rate suks,no drop and 4k kinah =mob kill,fourth thing the last bosses are too hard for solo player to can be kill(last bosses are not for all classes,maybe just chanter cleric can kill them cuze have heal)!!five thing,the cooldown is 2 days to can enter again! im very dissapointed again by nc soft ideas!nc soft tell us do things more easelly but is not like this are worst and more complicated....modify something and broke other things like do with lvl up cut the exp nedded for lvl up and make the difference throw lvls bigger,and we are now at 500+million exp nedded at lvl 65 from 200+million at lvl 60,!Is not too big this amount nedded for just 5lvl?is more then double wtf!!...and this is just one dissapointed things is this game!

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Default Re: steel rose cargo+steel rose quarters(solo)

I really don't get the outrage over the use of the same mesh to do another ship instance.
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Default Re: steel rose cargo+steel rose quarters(solo)

I don't mind the reuse of SR but the XP and cooldown of the instance really do suck. Either they up the XP or lower the CD.

Otherwise I don't see a problem with the last bosses, in both solo version they are very very easy.

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