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Default Steel Rake Solo glitch???

Ok, I got to the SeaSong tavern and was ready to fight Madame Bovariki but she was not there. Instead there was a Shaman and he he did not have the key... wtf?? How am I supposed to advance? And since it seems I cant (I tried both the doors. locked :| ) I guess the only thing I can do is leave and wait til it resets... how inconvenient right?

Has anyone ever had this problem before?
Should I report this bug or just leave let alone??
And if I should how do I report glitches?
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Default Re: Steel Rake Solo glitch???

She spawns in 2 different places that I've seen

1. Behind the mini bar to the left.

2. Straight ahead from the door on the back of that little platform thing.

If she wasn't in either of those spots then I don't know. Maybe you did get glitched somehow.
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