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Default AION SEA ????

im not sure if this is the right place to put this

is There any plans for aion SEA in the Future ?? i mean many people in SEA want to play Aion but cant cause of Lag, high ping.. and also if KR aion was successful when only Korean speaking people can play that game ... how much more on SEA where countires like PH, singapore, malaysian, thailand and australia can play in that server .. i wish they would make a SEA server since playing in NA from SEA gets you 3ple digit pings that makes the game unplayable at all .. i hope in the future AIOn will have a SEA server .. I really like this game so much >.<
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Default Re: AION SEA ????

I think the chances of Aion expanding now are slimmer than a bulimic with 20 fingers.
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Default Re: AION SEA ????

This is how you play in Japan server (official) with English patch:


Download and Patch:

For Japan link you should open in Internet Explorer (still exist in Windows 10).

Patch (current 5.1 <- You can take this from NA Aion game files, not copy the "sounds" folder if you want to have original voice): 2Gb

Current event (google translate for it):
But in general, you have leveling set, OCC set (+10, full manastones) as PvE and also PvP set, etc...

I use Word 2013 and docx format, sorry for the inconvenience!!

Server (as written in English patch): [GER] Kromede
Legion: SEA - Asmodian (BG is Kidin <- me)

Feel free to spam this!!

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