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Default Master Account Problems

OK i logged onto my Masters account just the other day and now it says my Password isn't correct i don't know if it got hacked or whats going on with it, but the NC soft Support team isn't doing anything to help me I've opened a Ticket or "Question" and they sent something back that had like nothing to do with what i was asking of them if you guys have any other useful information you could lend please do


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Default Re: Master Account Problems

I had the same issue the last 2 weeks or so with the same (non)response from customer service. Before the password problem, my billing information was suddenly erased for no reason (wasn't me) from their records. I only found out because it stopped my subscription come payment time.

When I put my billing information back up and changed my master/game password just in case and went along my way. Not to long after, I found out I was able to log into the game fine but I was not able to log into my Master Account online. When I tried "Forgot Password", it told me one of my hint answers was not correct (even though I know for a fact it was).

Coming back to now after having no real answer from CS, I just decided to try some of my old passwords - and sure enough, it reverted back to an old password I had. After being able to log on, I changed my password (again) and setup new password hint questions.

Have you changed your password/info recently (within the past few weeks)? If you have, try logging into your account with your old password and see if that works.

Hope this helps!
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Default Re: Master Account Problems

There is currently a new trojan.ADH on NCsoft's master account page login: Norton Internet Security found it last night for me and wouldn't let me log in there (I was going to check and see when I need to put more time cards on my two accounts). I posted about this both in General (so most would see it) and here.

Hello NCsoft! You're still having hacking problems with your master account pages!
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Default Re: Master Account Problems

"We were unable to verify your current login. Please try again. If you have forgotten your current login information visit forgot my NCsoft master account password in our Knowledge Base for assistance."

Can't change the pass because my login expires as soon as I use the temp pass that was emailed to me.

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