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Default Forum Frequently Asked Questions

To reduce the number of similar questions asked across the forums, gathered here are frequently asked questions and its answers. Big thanks to VFMs for their suggestion.

How do I change my forum name?

At this time, you cannot change your forum name. The website feature, MyAion, controls the ability to set your main character, which in turn sets your forum name. The functionality has been unavailable for some time now and there is no schedule yet of when it will be fixed.

What are VFMs and what do they do?
VFM stands for volunteer forum moderators. They are players who volunteer their time to help maintain order and civility on the forums. They can edit, lock, move, merge, and remove replies. They cannot add infractions or ban to any account. For a short guide on what they do and how they respond to reports, please click here.

If you feel you have been unfairly moderated, please send a Private Message to {CM} Hime.

Why were Veteran Rewards removed and can we get it back?

Veteran Rewards were discontinued when Aion went free-to-play. This was mandated by the developers. Any items from Veteran Rewards that were not applied are no longer useable. There is no information available at this time if Veteran Rewards or a variation of it will be making a comeback.

What is the Atreian Atlas? - This feature has been removed.
The Atreian Atlas was introduced as a focus towards assisting newer players by offering rewards for completing campaign quests. The Atreian Atlas can be used for all characters on an account with its rewards redeemable at any time.

What are the differences between the publishing and developing teams of Aion?
The publishing team consists of all live and day-to-day operations of running the game service. The development team is responsible for developing and implementing updates and changes to the game. We work closely with the development team to plan, schedule and proposal changes, new ideas or request changes. We can influence and propose ideas but ultimately, the game developers decide on the direction of the game.

What is the Asmodian Initiative?
To address the faction imbalance between Asmodians and Elyos on the game servers, we introduced the Asmodian Initiative. The initiative consists of incentives for players new and old to choose the Amosdian faction. These incentives appear as a survey in game at specific levels to help motivate and prepare new Asmodians towards the end content and PVP. Click here for more information on the Asmodian Intiative.

When will “x” content be released for our version of Aion?
After the Korean announcement and release, it may take months before it comes to NA. During those months, we start the planning and scheduling process for all tasks that need to be completed before its release.

How do I contact Customer Support?

Our Customer Support team can be reach through this website. You can use your NC account credentials to log into the system. When submitting a ticket, please be as detailed as possible and remember to note the account you are requesting assistance for.

Why was my account banned in game?
There are numerous reasons why an account was banned from the game. Typically, the Support team will send an email notification to the registered email of the account. If you did not receive a notification, please submit a ticket from the account’s registered email.

How do I report a player I think is hacking, botting, or doing something s/he shouldn’t be doing?
You can report suspicious players via ticket through our Customer Support portal. Our team will review the report and take the appropriate action necessary.

If you have any questions, suggestions or additions to the FAQ, please send {CM} Hime a Private Message.
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