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Default Re: [Guide] Crafting a mythic weapon / blue extendable mat

Hard is = Wind Breath and Get Greather Output to ' Noble ' .

I have litle tips idk work or no, if u already finish craft dun use ur weapon.. let it be pure. I've been try 2 times use it and not use.. I use : Not being Noble ,, I'm not use/wear : my weapon being 'Noble'.. sorry my english bad.
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Default Re: [Guide] Crafting a mythic weapon / blue extendable mat

for those who want to make this weapon, give up
I arrived at the last stage of critical with 5 weapons and did not criticize any of the 5,
I spent six months trying to make this gun and I could not get to it ... I'm stopping to play aion ... I work and college and now master ....
I got in the last round with 5 which was well hard to get by initially tried with 41 weapons ... many items ...
Well I'm stopping with aion !!! was frustrating and disheartening !!!
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Default Re: [Guide] Crafting a mythic weapon / blue extendable mat

i just crafted one yesterday. it seems very easy to craft. crafting another one at the moment so i can upgrade that extendable to a mythic. (i accepted the challenge last december 2014, my post is still on page 3 of this topic. so it does take a long time to attempt and craft it. but, i proc'd 2 out of 5 attempts at step 6. the reason it takes so long is because the materials take a lot of patience to gather.)

edit: crafted a second katalium rarified rod last night, upgraded to mythical extendy. not sure if anyone else on TM-Asmo side has one of these crafted upgrades yet. i've seen a couple crafted eternals floating around though. screenshots below...and i pretty much yolo'd and +15'd the nyerk out of it in terms of manastones last night. after you morph the eternal version (from 1 weapon shard and 1 katalium rarified rod) and then craft a second katalium rarified rod, you go to the upgrader NPC in pandy/sanc.

and, the mythic upgrade looks exactly the same as the eternal one. i wish they'd make the skin different. not sure if the DLR version upgrades remain the same black tone or not. but i've seens screenshots of white color extendables, i assume those are the DLR ones. screenshots below of the mythic crafted extendable.

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