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Default Handcrafting 450+

Hello people!
This is my first character, so i don't have much money to spend.
i want to make siel, so i need a work up to 500. I already have handcrafting at 450, and i did expert quest.
the only recipe available is for firm balaur horn (450p). If i'm luck, and with some time i can get firm balaur horn for 80k at the broker. This mean that with about 300 craft i should be 460p. this means i should spend about 24kk only for horns.
So i thought about morph and drops. i didn't find any morph for horn. And the only mobs i found are the elite in inggison . i can kill those elite but it takes me very long time and pots.
i have many questions:
-Is there any easy mob i can farm to get balaur items (horn, scale, blood)? i'm a cleric lvl 59 with full miragent (lvl 50 gold equip)
Drauphnir cave is too low
Dark poeta? balaur in reshanta?
-it exist a morph recipe for horn?
-is it worth to buy horn and sell crafted horns, at least to save some money?
-Is some other recipe i can use?
I found a quest recipe but you need anyway 86k for components.
-What if i use the 440p recipe to get some points?
i mean, i can get solid balaur much easier, but how much of them i need to level up?
-What if i just leave handcraft and start something like cooking?

Please i just want to know how to get my craft to 500. i DONT want any tip like "no siel is too expensive, take equip with blood mark" ecc

Thank you for your attention. I hope i was simple enough and full in my description.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

I can quite answer myself.
Changing work doesn't help, in cooking you need lustrous balaur meat that has same problem of other balic item.
As i read somewhere is better not to get firm balaur horn, so i decided to continue craft with solid items and boiling balaur blood. Now i'm at 470p and my problem now is to get enough burning balaur blood to get to 500p.
So i decided to farm that elite in inggison.
That's it! bye bye!
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

- You can try farming the mobs in Tia Eye / Garrisons (solo), ESO (instance) or Hanarkand / around Padma Cave for the balic mats.

- No such thing as morph recipes for Balic materials.

- For recipes, I used these for 440-499 as recommended by a mate:

- If you want to level another profession meanwhile, go for alchemy. Cheap to level, no need for balic mats, and the pots/scrolls you make while leveling it are a steady source of income.

- Handicrafting is expensive to level, it's just how it is. Especially if it is your first toon / profession.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

Craft in oriel at the concentrated cost a little more but its faster.
Set alot crafts,buy 1 charm 100 or 200% craft boost and there u go.
Burning balaur blood stain aren't expensive,but then again im not playing in tiamat,hence i could be wrong.

At 500 you can craft idians(the design is in Idian depth so you need to be lvl 65 to go there).Some of them sell good and you make not bad proffit.
Also with handi you can craft mithril medals into ceramium for lvl 65 gear.
GL !
And yes handi is expensive but it's good craft.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

Thanks for your opinion.
For farming i choose the elite near padma cave because they are quite easy to kill, more when you know their skills and even with rift open it's hard to find asmo there.
but i'd like to try eso or besh temple, but i can't go there because of fortress :\
Anyway what do you mean for garrison?

I'm at 470 now using solid-boiling materials (440p). With just 300 solid balaur scale i did from 450 to 468

after 470 you can use the recipe MIIREI show but i prefer to sell firm horn and with that money get other items (atm horn are at 150k each)
Yes, burning balaur blood is quite cheap but you need 2 for 1 craft.
I'll try that oriel tables! but i won't spend money on aion
thank you again!
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

If you do dredgion the balaur mobs drop the parts as well.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

UAS. Call the Abyssal Balaur Bundles.
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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

Dredgion, any Gelkmaros/Inggy balaur, Essoterrace, Abyssal Splinter, artifact guards near Divine, maybe other arti guards but level may be an issue with drops. Shapers quests occasionally give balic mats as a reward, and there are two quests that I know of in Sarpan that give balic mats rewards. One is picked up in the Kamena District, it's a weekly in Jotun area. They are elites, but my chanter was soloing at 56, so should be easy for a cleric. The other is at Aturam Sky Fortress but I'm not sure if its repeatable. can join Shapers (Pande/Sanctum) at expert level. It gives dailies worth 1-3 tokens each. Tokens are exchangeable for designs that may help you level your crafting.

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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

What about crafting White and Red Heliotrope Crystals? These designs (450) appeared in my crafting window as as soon as I got skill 450. You can craft 1 per day only, buy 2 per day and they are expensive, but as far as I can see in Master designs sold at Shapers, they will be needed for real craft. I only do accessories, my toons are at 39-43 but I think about future, cause we will need the skill 500 for crafting stuff for lev 58-60. I've been doing Shapers' quests daily for several months on 12 characters, so these tokens must be used someway? Do you folks think Heliotrope crystals are bad stuff? Balic materials are easier to get? I have characters lev 60, they used to farm in Gelkmaros, I can say Balaurs are hard to kill and the drop rate is low, they earned very few balic mats. Then, you write you do Crafted Balaur Horns and then sell them? You don't need them for your production? Then, who needs them for their production? Where do we get final Balic designs (not part designs)?
I know there are Balic mats guestblooms, I suppose you need to live in a village (not studio) to be able to buy them. I didn't yet buy houses but I think maybe I will.

LISYTHEA: Cooking doesn't require any balic mats to get to 500, simple plants and fish from usual places will do, easily.

Today I tried to craft in Pernon on Table For Intensive Study, but this table was gray-lettered and refused to craft, I wonder why I believed such table must be available there, I had used it on my Constructors before, is it a glitch?

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Default Re: Handcrafting 450+

I crafted balic mats you buy from the Shugo outside of the crafting rooms in Panda. Buy the solo versions, not the bundles. Bundles craft 10 at a time, don't do this, pay attention to what you get. Sell everything that you make, you don't need them.
You buy balic mats from Tigraki island and some other place for armor and weapons... don't know where as I never bothered with crafting balic armor.

To use the special tables in Pernon you need to purchase a crystal from the shugo there that is needed to operate the table. That's why crafting there costs more, but it levels you faster. On the other side of the room are "regular" tables.
If you already knew this then it must be a glitch. : o

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