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Default Shaper Tokens

Is there any way to speed up the process of getting Shaper Tokens? Random 1-3 a day does not even begin to touch the 100+ token recipes which recquire a 40+ token recipe that recquires another 40+ token recipe. Spend 6 months gaining tokens to craft 1 type of weapon? Come on we need something a bit better than this.
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Default Re: Shaper Tokens

1) answering the question, besides the daily, you can do 2 weeklies at sarpan (npc is solomon), that gives you 5 more tokens if I'm not wrong.

2) farming the tokens is not that waste of a time actually. the real waste of time is the crafting itself. get over it. the designs that can be bought with shaper tokens are only useful if you want to craft skins. the armor, weapons and accesories are not that good anymore. you can get better ones in very easier ways.
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