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Default Master Level Quest

Hello all! I just became a weaponsmithing master yesterday (finally!!). There is something that happened during the quest that I do not understand.... When I was talking to the NPC to start the quest I was told that I had 2 options: craft a plain greatsword (easy method) or craft a noble version (harder method). My understanding, from what the NPC said, was that if I chose to craft the harder method and succeeded, every time I try to craft a weapon it will be guaranteed to automatically proc. I chose to do the harder method because it seemed like a great deal! The part that confuses me is that I hear how difficult it is for people to craft weapons such as a Legendary Katalium Polearm because most of the time they DON'T proc. This obviously contradicts what the quest had said. Now, I did read the patch notes for 4.7 and it said something about making a change to crafting that would allow a master craftsman's design to proc "easier". I searched online to find out more about this master weaponsmithing quests and all the links I found that showed the quest did not have the option to craft an easier or harder version. It simply said that you had to make a greatsword. There were no options to choose the harder or easier quest. This makes me believe that the quest information is now outdated. If you have any information on this please let me know. I seriously hope that I did not get my hopes up!

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Default Re: Master Level Quest

You just misunderstood it.

The "surely succeed" refers to the quest item you need to craft. The quest requires you to craft the noble greatsword, and you have 2 choices on how to do it.

You can pick either to:
1) Craft the plain greatsword, with a low chance of proc into the noble greatsword
2) Craft the noble greatsword right away, but it costs more

So the first option is risky but might be cheaper, the second option is more safe but more expensive.

It has nothing to do with procing future crafts.
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Default Re: Master Level Quest

Ahh bollocks! Thank you for letting me know.

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