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Default How to get to Master easily

I've just hit Expert and I was wondering if there's an easy way to reach 499. What should I craft first? I've read about drenium ingots but what next?

Never been much exp in crafting so any council is appreciated.
Thanks is advance.
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Default Re: How to get to Master easily

Ok, just so u know, there is no easy way to reach 499 after the 400, u do not have work orders, so theres that, the only crafts that actually are usefull while lvling that up are alchemy and cooking, all other crafts u will lose kinah, so, be persistent and dont give up xD im assuming that u are armorsmith (or weap or hand, i dont really know xD im master cooking and expert alchemy) do the recipes that the npc gives u, generally, crafts that are of that lvl need mats that, or are complicate to farm (sometimes its not, but time consuming) or u need a previous craft and a long line of that tipe xD also there are some recipes u can buy at tigraki island, u buy them with balaurs hearts, but i dont know how complicate is to get the mats for other craftings, but those crafting tend to be more usefull than the ones at npc, mind u, not that are greater or anything, but those are the ones that u can get only in quest (just like de Sky Dragon food, gives various good stats)

Well, i dont think all i said will be usefull to u xD but to resume what (maybe) will work for u is: do the recipes that the npc gives u, craft and sell to npc to get back at least part of the kinah spent doing them, and persist, cause u will get tire doing that (trust me, im someone that can spend 2 hours looking at the screen just watching my char craft 1000 sky dragon food and dont get tired) but all for the greater good, 500 recipes are worth the suffering xD
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Default Re: How to get to Master easily

Hello Jahzz,

Kinda off topic but I was wondering if u have hit master yet, if so friend me i will make you plenty of kinah. Thanx
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Default Re: How to get to Master easily

I crafted to from 300-500 in 12 hours. I thought it was easy. Heres how.

Craft all of the work orders. When you reach a new 10th work that order. Do not linger and work the lesser work orders. Also be sure to craft all possible outputs to maximize exp


Go to Oriel, why, because they have tables of concentration and you can craft at a faster rate.
Initially buy the Craft: Drenium Ingot and craft this. This single craft will get you about a third of the way, 433 ish.
Hint: When buying mats try buying the Pure Drenium as 1 can open into 9 Drenium. Use math to determine if your saving kinah on the broker by just opening the Pure Drenium.

Then buy Craft: Drenium Wire. This requires a small amount of mats and can craft you to half the way; 452ish
It will take about 300 single Drenium Ingot and Wires to reach this spot. That may take 2 1/2 hours.

Now the Easy Part, but expensive.
Balic Craft:Firm Balaur Horn can be bought at Arurinrinerk in the Sanctums Crafting Hall or whatever. It has a skill of 450 so it can craft you all the way to 496. Be sure to use the table of concentration for this, otherwise it will cap at 488.

The last 3 levels are a pain in the nerk but can be done with about 20m kinah or less. Nothing more.



And be sure to use as much crafting boost as you can. CRAFT +100% / +200%. LEGION +10% Craft boost and the concentration tables and armorsmithy enchant stones.
Happy crafting and Mastery.
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Default Re: How to get to Master easily

LOL well, so late reply but here I am. Was almost close to master, pretty easily, then been out of Aion for a while. I'll sure keep crafting when I get back.

Ty all for advices.

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