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Default Re: Useless

That is handicrafting. I think that was a suggestion of what craft to reroll to.
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Default Re: Useless

Yeah, handicrafting or alchemy due to my pot addiction. I feel I got screwed when I did "old style" miragents quests. I went in as a Nub. At no point did they say, "fyi, all armor you craft will be rubbish and you will regret this decision".
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Default Re: Useless

I think Armorsmithing is for cera medals at 65. If you're lower, I for example have always liked to craft helmets with flight speed, they are rather decent, plus armors for lev 60, if you have enough Drenite ore and patience you can craft these armors having stats like the gone Kahrun's or even better (you can also craft balic armors, I for example choose Balic pants for flight speed where the regular designs don't include it, so I get both jacket and pants with flight speed), and skins that can be skinned an indefinite number of times (on BCM they sell such one-time skins).
Plus I use some low and mid-level armor designs for skins (Worthy Noble Titanium Hauberk, Brogans, Handguards, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Worthy Noble Durable Orichalcum breastplate and greaves for women etc).

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