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Smile Mystic Accessory Fluxes

I enjoy crafting stuff but omg getting mystic accessory fluxes is a nightmare, I gotta wait days for someone to put some on the broker, and when they do, they`re expesnive as nyerk, any idea where they drop? I`m sure there`s a certain place where they frequently drop..Cause for example when I go gathering some mats in Kalador, in the south area I kill mobs sometimes to get them out of the way of my gathering area and they almost always drop mystic weapon fluxes, thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Mystic Accessory Fluxes

it's rng based all lvl65 mobs have chance to drop them don't think there's any set pattern where they drop more and where less... probably your best bet is Idian Depths any other than that it's just luck and numbers.
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