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Exclamation [Casual] Kitty Patrol [Kahrun]

"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat."
~Tay Hohoff

-:- Kitty Patrol -:-

Who We Are~
We are an English speaking Lv5 Legion that are recruiting capable, competent Asmodians. We do PvPvE and simple Guild Activities (if time permits).

Our purpose here on Aion is to make our Legion well known and prevalent across the globe!

Don't mistake our purpose as to climb above the ladders and take first place in the rankings. Like the Title says, we are a casual guild. Yes, we run instances, dungeons, participate in sieges, invasions etc. But majority of the time we'll just chill and talk with one another while people go about their business. Despite that being typed, we are very user friendly and helpful.

1) Be respectful
2) Be considerate of others
3) Be friendly
4) Help one another
5) Socialize
6) Wear the Kilala cape with pride!
7) NO drama
8) Have fun
We don't ask much from you but to follow those basic rules.

We, the members of Kitty Patrol are looking for exciting, exuberant people such as yourselves to assist us with spreading our name like wildfire across Kahrun. Rise up and help us make a change!

If there are any questions, concerns or queries feel free to:
1) Post below (obviously)
2) Message Felgore

For Kilala~

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