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Default Tank as Eff@#!!

What started out as a "Damn dont have enough kinah for MB ancient stones + feli or supps" and socketing Physical defense stones(+80 or +100) in the ancient slots (pve gear), has turned out to be amazing!! xD.


My Cipher (mythic varshati + bm combine) has MB +30 or +32 stones in the ancient slots (and is max enchant, +13), but my Mythic armor - a total mix - Orb top/Sauro shoulders/IS pants + boots/IIO hands, has Pdef stones in it... and wow...just wow! > (using full katalam accessory set + Mythic Orb head + BM ring/earring - Katalam set effect gives +200 stun resist and i think some crit spell)
- Physical defense when mounted in bastion is just over 3.9k
- Magic Boost is just over 3.2k with no buffs (MB 27's socketed in normal manastone slots, MB 27/MP composites are actually quite good for tanking - although you could go MB + parry or even MB + HP/MR comp's if rich)
- Magical Accuracy is almost 2.1k when mounted + no buffs
- HP is just over 14.5k mark with no buffs

Pretty much i never really dabbled too much in tanking, but if it was needed sure. After coming back to my AT after lvling on BR and finishing socketing Pdef stones i am now of the opinion "what can't i tank?", seriously the damage (or lack of damage with the basic shield skill up) i take is amusing xD.
I seem to remember the second to last (fatty) boss in sauro casting a pretty much 1 shot skill after stunning you when he was low life, but i take less than half HP dmg now .
I happened to run Aion rain meter (dps meter) just before i ran ORB and then sauro with me doing no other damage during that time, my overall DPS was just over 6.9k (under 7k) hahaha, and i don't have low ping (200 - 300 range).

Pretty much i am tank as Eff, take nyerk all damage, and i deal a nyerk ton of DPS!! - i find it hard to think i could lose aggro

There is hope for those that aren't Rich or pay-to-play , The mythic gear i have isn't hard to get, MB 27's aren't exactly too expensive and Physical defense stones are freaking cheap! - even the fabled +80 ones, eternal +100 are a bit more expensive.

Anyway just an observation and server is down for maint so meh i thought i would post.

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Default Re: Tank as Eff@#!!

Interesting, that is quite the damage mitigation especially used with kinectic battery.
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Default Re: Tank as Eff@#!!

How many Pdef stones are you actually using? I am worried my MB and therefore, DPS will be too low if I use too many Pdef stones.

I just have the Returning Player set for now (Modur or something).

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