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Default Re: *** glad stats in 4.9 ***

Originally Posted by Mrplatino - View Post
Hey guys im a old player used to play in Israphel server but i quit one year ago, i back play last month in Beritra server with a glad OFC! coz i love this class and never played any other class so i got a question no idea if all glads in BR server are noobies or just this is the new gladi stats the 99% is using full attack/crit in the weapon and set, so here is my doubt why those glads are using full attack+crit we still in the "4.0" window i mean we are not in 5.0 we still in 4.9 it could be 4.99999 but still "4" before i quit the stats was 3200ACC (is 3k but we lose 200 using berseking) 1100 crit and if u still with free slots you was avaible to use attack ( there is a theory that glads doesnt need attack coz we dont use normal hits in the pvp battle we use full skills, sins usually do weaving dps so they stack full attack but we doesnt well glads with 10ms can weaving but the 80% cant during a real pvp) so my stats was a little higher that the normal coz i was full geared i remember i could reach 4k ACC with one GS for those block templars and cleric and with the EB PA the crit goes to 1.3k crit something like that, but now im poor guy in a new server so im still using eternal weapons im full abyss seraph but my slots still empty coz im wondering the new stats i dont want to burn kinah socketing the wrong manastones coz in BR manastone are expensive everyone is getting gear and using alot manastone so hope PRO glads could help me should i use attack manastone like those glads or still with the old build full cirt+acc thx alot for ur help----- Mrplatino

That theory is complete crap because of 2 things:

-Attack from manastones increases the damage of both your skills and auto attacks and this has always been the case since 2009.

-Gladiator has to weave for best performance.

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Default Re: *** glad stats in 4.9 ***

Even with bad ping (mine is over 120 average) you can weave in pvp. Glads do not need to weave every skill in pvp to be effective dmg dealers. The most important weaves with a polearm are the 3rd attack in your ferocious strike chain. If you weave just that attack you have a much higher chance of getting a knockdown on this skill. You can use this to chain KD's and stunlock a target so you can continue to unleash damage on a target that is not kiting you.
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